Sample Stud Contract



The Australian Shepherd stud dog:  ______________________________________________


Registration #(s):  ________________________________________________________________


Color: ____________________________________________________


Owned by: _____________________________________         was bred on ___________________________


To the bitch: _______________________________________________________


Registration #:______________________________________________________


Color: ____________________________________________________________


Owned by: ________________________________________________________


Leased by: ________________________________________________________


Policy for approving Bitches:

          Bitches must be approved by the stud's owner before being accepted for breeding.  Bitch owners must be willing and able to provide proper care for the bitch and the litter and agree that no puppies from the resultant litter will be sold to pet shops or other wholesale outlets.


          Bitches must be in good health and condition at the time of breeding and must be free of hereditary defects, parasites, and infections.  An OFA or OFA prelim (OVC in Canada) number and a CERF number, and a recent negative culture and Brucellosis test are required.


A culture or veterinary examination may be required at the owner's expense if any problem is suspected.  A stud dog provides a valuable service and the bitch owner shall be liable for any loss of future service due to the bitch owner's concealment of health problems.




Stud owner's responsibility:

          The bitch will be given proper care and handling, but the stud owner cannot accept responsibility for losses other than those directly caused by the negligence of the stud owner.  The stud dog is guaranteed to be in the same good health required of the bitch.


Bitch owner's responsibility:

          The bitch owner is responsible for the transportation of the bitch to and from the stud dog and any veterinary expenses incurred that are not the result of negligence of the stud owner.

          The bitch owner is responsible for the health and care of the bitch before and after the breeding.  He/she is also responsible for providing proper care of the bitch during whelping and caring for the bitch and puppies after they are delivered.

          The bitch owner must cull (remove from breeding status) any puppies with disqualifying faults, including color patterns.  Any puppies with serious defects that will prevent it from living a happy and meaningful life must be humanely euthanized AS SOON AS THE PROBLEM IS FOUND.


          As a breeder, one should be willing to take responsibility for each dog he/she produces for the lifetime of the dog.



          At least two living puppies with acceptable color patterns are guaranteed.  If fewer than that number result, the owner of the bitch is entitled to a free return service to the same stud dog.  Return service is not transferable to a different owner should the bitch be sold or change hands in any way.  A different bitch may be substituted if there is a valid reason for substitution (health of the bitch in question, or inability to produce, etc.).  The return service must be used within 18 months of the date of the original service.  No minimum number of puppies is guaranteed on the return service.


Stud Fee:

          Stud fee is payable at the time of service and is not refundable.


          If any puppy(ies) is (are) to go to the stud owner, the terms of the attached agreement shall apply.


Fee: _$___________________________


Paid in full?   Yes________            No____________


Special Provisions: __________________________________________________






          This contract shall be governed by the laws of the state of Ohio to the exclusion of any other forum and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.


Signed and dated (Stud Owner): ______________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________



Phone: ____________________________________________________________


Signed and dated (Bitch Owner): ______________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________



Phone: ____________________________________________________________